Thank you, Lord!

I first want to thank God for all he has done in my life. He is continuing to open doors that I did not fully see or could not see. Thank you, Lord! He is showing favor unto me and blessings that I can’t begin to comprehend. He is so awesome and amazing. He is continuing to work things out for my family and I.

Friday, of last week was my last day at work. I put in my 2 wks notice because I didn’t feel like I fit the job I was hired. My attitude began to get bad. I began to latch out at my family and turn into the Grouch that stole Christmas. So I knew that my time there was drawing to a close. So after talking to my mother, we decided that I should put in my 2 wks notice. Prior to this I jokingly spoke to my husband about quitting all together. He said that it was ok but I said that I would not do it. Due to me not having another job to walk into. However, shortly after that I put in my notice. So I began to go through the dreadful looking for a job experience. How many know that is very unnerving and stressful experience?


I applied for a job on Tuesday. I had the initial interview the same day. I received a call on Thursday, asking if I was still interested and that the GM would like to interview the following day. So today, Friday, I went on my second interview. This afternoon I was officially offered the job and I start tomorrow. So I was able to have a mini reprieve. God is so awesome! I give him all of the glory and honor!

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Galatians Study-Ultimate Sacrifice


Our sins was crucified with Christ on calvary. He took on our sins and made the ultimate sacrifice. He died so that we may have life.
Our walk in Christ is based on our faith. It is by our faith that we are saved and have everlasting life. It is our faith that we can say this mountain move and it moves. It is our faith that we can speak things into existence. It is our faith that we live by.
What is faith? Faith is believing in something without having proof of it. Faith is believing that the chair I sit in today will indeed hold me up. Faith is believing that my car will start when I turn the key. Faith is that I will take my next breath. So today I ask where is your faith? Is your faith in God or man? Is your faith in things that you can see with your natural eyes or spiritual eyes? Where is your faith? Prayerfully your faith is with the one who has all power in his hands!

Be blessed,

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Galatians Study


We are not justified by keeping the laws that where established in the Old Testament. We are justified by the faith we have in Jesus Christ. The one who was without sin. It is by our faith that we even believe. Our faith is what make our lives line up with the will and purpose of God. It is by our faith that we can speak things into existence. It is by our faith that we can say to a mountain move and it moves. It is our faith that we can stomp on the devil and his goons head. It is our faith that we are saved. #faith
We as Christian’s cannot continue to walk in this world blindly. We must open our eyes to what is truly happening. We must be open to the move of God and what he is doing in the hour. God is constantly speaking but we must be in a place to where we can hear. Just take a moment to look at what is going on around us and we will see what he is saying. By faith we will not miss the move of God, who is the author and finished of our faith.
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Unity amongst believers


Paul and Peter were unified in their message. They preach Jesus Christ but were called to go unto different people. Peter went to the Jewish, circumcised and Paul unto the Gentiles, uncircumcised. They were different but unified through Jesus Christ.
Just imagine if the believers of today would be unified. Regardless, of denomination, be unified in the word of God. Imagine the lives that could be touch. Imagine the amount of souls that could be reached. Imagine the impact we could have upon those around us and beyond. Just imagine…

Heavenly Father, I pray that we as believers begin a new thing in you. That we begin to reach out to you, unified and on one accord. That our lives will shine your light and that others will see us in you. May we be an example of you upon the earth. Most of all that we be unified in you and your will.  In Jesus name I pray, Amen.