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Galatians Study


We are not justified by keeping the laws that where established in the Old Testament. We are justified by the faith we have in Jesus Christ. The one who was without sin. It is by our faith that we even believe. Our faith is what make our lives line up with the will and purpose of God. It is by our faith that we can speak things into existence. It is by our faith that we can say to a mountain move and it moves. It is our faith that we can stomp on the devil and his goons head. It is our faith that we are saved. #faith
We as Christian’s cannot continue to walk in this world blindly. We must open our eyes to what is truly happening. We must be open to the move of God and what he is doing in the hour. God is constantly speaking but we must be in a place to where we can hear. Just take a moment to look at what is going on around us and we will see what he is saying. By faith we will not miss the move of God, who is the author and finished of our faith.
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I am follower if Jesus Christ, wife, and mother. I enjoy spending QT with bff and lover, Andrew, and our 2 sons. My favorite pass times are reading and watching movies. But my soul purpose is living my life fully for Christ, so that he may be glorified. So as I share what is on my heart, my prayer is that you may see the God in me and not me. Be blessed and enjoy!

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