Thank you, Lord!

I first want to thank God for all he has done in my life. He is continuing to open doors that I did not fully see or could not see. Thank you, Lord! He is showing favor unto me and blessings that I can’t begin to comprehend. He is so awesome and amazing. He is continuing to work things out for my family and I.

Friday, of last week was my last day at work. I put in my 2 wks notice because I didn’t feel like I fit the job I was hired. My attitude began to get bad. I began to latch out at my family and turn into the Grouch that stole Christmas. So I knew that my time there was drawing to a close. So after talking to my mother, we decided that I should put in my 2 wks notice. Prior to this I jokingly spoke to my husband about quitting all together. He said that it was ok but I said that I would not do it. Due to me not having another job to walk into. However, shortly after that I put in my notice. So I began to go through the dreadful looking for a job experience. How many know that is very unnerving and stressful experience?


I applied for a job on Tuesday. I had the initial interview the same day. I received a call on Thursday, asking if I was still interested and that the GM would like to interview the following day. So today, Friday, I went on my second interview. This afternoon I was officially offered the job and I start tomorrow. So I was able to have a mini reprieve. God is so awesome! I give him all of the glory and honor!

#Hallelujah #Godisgood #thankyouLord #praisebreak #icantkeepit2myself


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