Growing through Prayer…preparation

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Well, one week from today the ladies of Love God Greatly and I will begin the study entitled ‘Growing through Prayer’.

I am excited and hesitant all in the same breath. Pray is an are in my life where I have been weak and struggle. Starting out I was one, who would wake up daily at 0400 am to spend one to two hours praying, reading the Bible, and meditate on all that the Lord had given me for that day. So I have often questioned myself many times as to why and/or how my prayer life has deteriorated into a shell of what it was. The only answer to those questions are, ME. Plain, simple and without a chaser.

I am the only one to blame for what I do or don’t do. God is always there and waiting patiently for me to get on board, with the program. So as I dive deeper into the word of God, my main goals are to strengthen my prayer life, and get closer to the Father.

I ask that as I am ‘Growing through Prayer’ you do so as well. Join us in our current study in the written word of God. Below is the link to the journal for this study. I hope that you will join us.

I look forward to meeting with you here during the course of this study!

God bless,

Mrs. JRLL ❤


Love God Greatly


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