Babel “The Land of Confusion”

I will take a risk at saying that many in the world live in a state of confusion. If you watch the news the majority of what’s being broadcast are mass shootings, nuclear bomb testing, suicide bombing, this country is pulling their alliance from this country, or this country is in astronomical amount of debt. But I must ask myself, is what I am seeing really truth?

Truth as defined by Webster’s dictionary as the state or character of being true. True is defined as being in accordance with the actual state or conditions; conforming to reality or fact; not false. So I must ask myself again, is what I am seeing really truth? Mmm, I wonder if others are asking the same question. Just listening to others speaking on international, federal, and state issues, I will say that confusion is running rampant.

Everyone has a list of things they think are wrong or need to be fixed. However, with no real solution to the problems or some course of action that can hopefully lead to a solution. Solutions brings about possible correction, change. But the land we live in today is a constant merry-go-round of endless talking, babbling. The people have begun to sound like the teacher off of the Christmas special we all love, Charlie Brown Christmas. Wah, wah, wah…endless chattering, flowing down a never-ending tunnel, and leading to nothingness.

So stop the babel and begin to do things different. If I continue to do the same thing and expect something different to come about I am insane. I have to be smart, do things different, and get out of the land of Babel. This difference must take place world wide, in my home, my family, and my life. It is not just in one area that change must take place but everywhere. I cannot continue to go down an endless tunnel and I beg that others don’t either. The first step to change is a question.

I must take a long, hard look at what is taking place in my area of responsibility. Am I happy with the way things are going? Am I content to be discontent? Is my family living and functioning as God sees fit? Am I being an example for others to see? Am I walking in the light of the Father and  my Savior Jesus Christ? I have to come into the realization that I can only change me and me alone. I must pull myself out of the ‘Land of Babel’ into the freshness of clarity.

God bless and have a wonderful day,

Mrs. JRLL ❤


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