Wk 2 D 1 Growing through Prayer

If we are to pray everywhere, lift up holy hands without wrath and/or doubt, why are so many Christians in the world today conflicted on how to pray, filled to capacity with anger and don’t know which way to turn? Why…because we don’t fully trust and believe in the God we have pledged our allegiance to. If you can’t say amen, say ouch. OUCH!

1 Timothy 2:8 KJV “I will therefore that men pray every where, lifting up holy hands, without wrath and doubting.”

This verse really hit home for me. As some of the older generation would say, it is in my kitchen. For awhile now I have been going back and forth within myself; as well, as with others regarding situations within my life. I have been wrestling within myself and not truly going to the One who knows all things and designed my blueprint. I have not taken the time to truly glean from the Chief, Master, Architect. Why is that?

Simply put I have not fully trusted Him. I must be honest with myself and look at the women in the mirror. I must pray, study the word, and apply them to my life. But in order to truly pray, I must have a relationship. In order to have a relationship I must have an open and honest communication format with the Father. Meaning that I can’t always have a cookie cutter lifestyle of prayer. I must be able to be honest and peel back the layers I have manufactured in my life. Please note that I said, “layers I have manufactured in my life”.

An example: “As a teenager I was considered a wild child, even though I was reared in the church. I would go out party and later go tell my friends the uncensored version of the events that took place. As time past, I had haters or those who did not like me for whatever reason. They would pick fights, talk about, and so on. I would act like those events did not matter  BUT at the heart of the matter I was messed up over them. So I began to internalize everything. I began to keep every emotion, feeling, and thought to myself. So I created a stone wall around myself. In order to block out how others felt or thought about me. Which in the end hurt me”.

So now that I am on the other side, in Christ, it is still difficult to avail, open, myself up. So I am a work in progress and I am on the potters wheel. The potter is molding me into what He desired for me to be since the beginning. As I begin to pray everywhere, lift up holy hands without wrath or doubt, my prayer is that you will do the same.

God bless and enjoy your day,






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