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Wk 2 Response Day-Time for Quiet Reflection


1. How does pride affect our prayer life?

2. Read Luke 17:6. What do you think Jesus means in this verse?

3. How does prayer give us strength?

4. Write down your favorite verse on prayer.

5. We are totally dependent on God for all things. How does prayer help to remind us of this truth?



I am follower if Jesus Christ, wife, and mother. I enjoy spending QT with bff and lover, Andrew, and our 2 sons. My favorite pass times are reading and watching movies. But my soul purpose is living my life fully for Christ, so that he may be glorified. So as I share what is on my heart, my prayer is that you may see the God in me and not me. Be blessed and enjoy!

One thought on “Wk 2 Response Day-Time for Quiet Reflection

  1. This week has been a testing of not only my prayer life but that of certain member of my family. But I know that the God I serve is a prayer answering God and for this I give Him all the glory and praise. I ask that you go in prayer with me for the protecting and providing angel surround my Aunt Diane and Cousin Brandi.

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