Dear Heavenly Father,

I humbly come before you with a humble heart. I bow down before you and give you the highest praise. Father you are good and your mercies endure forever. You are all knowing and powerful. You are so worthy and I bless your name. Your name is above every name and I lift your name on high.

I ask for forgiveness for all of my sins and I forgive those who has done me wrong. I cast down every weight that so easily besets me and tries to weigh me down. I take my yoke off and put your yoke upon me for it is light. Shine your purifying light upon me and I worship before you in spirit and truth. 

Thank you for being a forgiving and just God. You are faith and I thank you for never leaving. You are always there for me and I thank you. Thank you for holding me up and being a just who you are. Lord, you my everything.

I ask that you touch Aunt Diane and Cousin Brandi. Tough them with your finger of love. Let every need be met. May they be in good health and may you receive all of the glory. Send those who know you and are not afraid to share your goodness. May they not only speak of your goodness but live life as unto you. May their lives be a true witness for all to see. May Aunt Diane and Cousin Brandi see you clearly. May they and those of their family be moved to call on your holy name. In Jesus name, Amen!


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