a special place

Today marks a day that will go down in history as one in a million. Here I sit all alone, in my quiet place. A place that has multiply functions. The main function for me is ‘my quiet place’. A place where I can get away and everyone in the house knows to not enter. It’s a place where I can be myself before God, read and study his word. It’s a place like no other. 

However, I must admit that I never thought that I would have or need such a place. I must admit to myself that now I crave this special place. It is HOME. A place that I can just sit and enjoy. A place that I can open myself up and take a tall drink of reality. I think that everyone should have such a place. 

A place where you can purge, re-energize, reflect, and connect. What a blessing it is that I have found such a place. Welcome to my closet, literally!



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