Wk 4 D 5

Read Colossians 4:2 & 1 Thessalonians 5: 20 SOAP v 5:17

1 Thes 5:17 KJV “Pray without ceasing”.

I am to pray always and watch for the works of the Lord with thanksgiving on my lips. My heart should be over flowing with praise unto my Heavenly Father. My heart should be over flowing with continuously prayer unto my Heavenly Father. I should be attuned to the moves of God and be ready for his guidance. Sadly, I am not fully their yet… 😦

I am working and striving to get to that point in my life. However, my emotions and feelings tend to guiding me more. However, as I continue to dig deeper and reach out to my Father in prayer I am being transformed into the person I was created to be. I just have to maintain, stay focused and, tune my entire being into God. I must allow him to work in and through me continuously. For I am a work in progress, striving to be all that he created me to be.

God bless,





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