As I sit


As I sit in my youngest son’s room watching the ceiling display and listening to the water fall, I have an overwhelming feeling of peace. I haven’t done this since he was a baby and I must admit I miss it. Its times like this  when I can sit back, relax, be me,  and spend time with my son on a deeper level.
It’s time dedicated for mother and son bonding time. To create a moment within the day to just enjoying each others presence. There is comfort in knowing that someone loves you enough just to sit with you. There’s no talk and no physical enter action taking place. Just sitting and freeing our minds of all that has taken place during the day.
I wonder how much more does my Father in heaven want the same time and relationship with me. I must admit that I have been slacking and just been plain ole lazy. If I be brutally honest, I don’t want to face the person in the mirror.  I wonder just how much is my very soul longing to  recreate that relationship with my Father? Mmm…



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