Its funny how mankind as a whole can connect through music. Regardless, of race, religion, ethnicity, fundamental belief, or language barriers we can all relate through music. Prime example, I went to a concert in Japan and the artist is an American artists. Everyone in the audience was singing every lyric that was put to paper. Each word was sung in unison and without hesitation. Oh, but the kicker was that once the concert was over the natives did not speak English. 🙂 Simply amazing…

Music is like reading a book. You can go on a magical journey to a land, land far away. You can dive deep into the abyss and soar as high as an eagle. You can go on a safari and seek out the king of the jungle. You can kiss the sky and sing to the midnight moon. You can reach down to the unknown, intermingle with those that has gone before and tap into the future. Music is one of the worlds great mysteries that is yet to be unraveled.


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