1. an affective state of consciousness in which joy, sorrow, fear, hate, or the like, is experienced, as distinguished from cognitive and volitional states of consciousness.
2. any of the feelings of joy, sorrow, fear, hate, love, etc.
3. any strong agitation of the feelings actuated by experiencing love,hate, fear, etc., and usually accompanied by certain physiological changes, as increased heartbeat or respiration, and often overt manifestation, as crying or shaking.
4. an instance of this.
5. something that causes such a reaction: the powerful emotion of a great symphony.
Lately, I have experienced a world wind of emotions. All of which, have brought a multitude of questions. Some of the questions I can do something about and some I can do nothing at all. So I am currently in a state of bewilderment.
That state of mind, is not a good place to be. I have begun to reach out to God. On a level that I don’t think I have ever done before. Right, now I am not in a good head space but with God I know that I will get there.

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