Look over there on top of the ocean bluff

Can you see him looking out at the storm raging

Hand on his hip feet spread apart ready for what may

He stands ready for what lies ahead

He takes his fill of the ocean air exhaling all of the poison that lies just beneath the surface

His eyes are fixed looking and waiting for the unexpected

His mind is running a marathon with all of the possibilities of the next play

He stays twenty steps ahead upon the chessboard of life

Life has thrown him many challenges but he has mastered them all

Wait…do you hear that

The sound of a drum in the distance

The drum at a steady cadence in perfect sync with the heartbeat of a warrior

A warrior standing tall proud and strong

A warrior that continues to fight against all life tries to throw at him

A warrior who will fight with everything within him unto the very last beat of the drum is played

A warrior who is a legend of his own making and his saga will live on


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