Just Trust

As I sit here and ponder all that has taken place throughout the course of my day, I must stop to ask myself “what is meaning of it all?…

Within the last 24 hours I have had to make a very difficult decision that I was not very comfortable in making. BUT at the end of the day in all actuality it should have been done a long time ago. Did the decision have a great impact on all involved? MOST definitely. Did I make the decision lightly? Absolutely, NOT. Did I question the decision made? A resounded YES. YET, the decision needed to be made with a firm hand.

Throughout the day, God has been speaking to me BUT I was not understanding what He was saying. I have been going back and forth within myself. Warring with myself over unknown, unclear, and cloudy workings within my mind. I have not been able to rest. However, it just came to me that the scriptures (Matt 5:13; 10:16; & 11:28-30) that God has given to me from yesterday and today, actually related to what has been going on. MY DUH MOMENT… :-/

It is funny how God works. Here I am looking for some big sign in the clouds or booming voice. Mmm…Oh, how He must be laughing at me saying, “my child just trust and allow me to guide you”. Well, Lord, I see and I hear. I open myself unto you. Where you lead, I will follow.

Be blessed,




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