USA Today Article

I read this article today in, USA Today, by Sherry Mandell. Just by the title I should not have been surprised nor felt a little out of sorts after readding. Especially, with all of the different acts of terrorism that is running rampant in the world. However, it is not just taking place in distant lands but within our shorelines, U S of A. Terrorism is being done by many and for many different reasons. The act is not being done by just Muslims or extremists. These acts are being conducted by any and everyone. I often make a statement to family members that ‘America has become a country operating by fear, reactive, and not proactive’. It seems that we are no longer leading the pack, but leading from within the pack.

So as we all have come to learn that terrorism can take place anywhere and at anytime. The author states as much. She makes it clear that those effected by such acts embarks on a very difficult road. It is very difficult for them to move on, or as some would say to find closure. BUT what stood out to me are the following words, “Don’t tell the survivors to “be strong”. I have lost count of how many times I have said something similar to those who have been hurting in during moments like this.

At times like these should be focused on those left behind. Those love one’s that only have the memories dear to them to embrace. Memories that are cold and unable to keep them warm on a cold winter nights. They have to continue to live and go throughout their respective lives. Sadly, many cannot move on or refuses. This is when the old statement of, “it takes a village”. Some of you would question the reason why I said this, when the states is, “it takes a village to raise a child”. Yes, that is true but it also takes a village to uplift those whom worlds have been shattered by these acts.

My prayer is that all effected around the world will have others around them to support them during this difficult time. In turn be that support for others.

God bless,




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