Letter from the heart

Dear Sis,

It was great seeing you after such a long time. It has been too long and we must agree to never allow so much time to pass in between us. It seems as if a lifetime has passed without us having some form of contact. You know it doesn’t take much to drop a line, pick up the phone, or send up a smoke screen. :-l I know, I know, you are probably thinking like ‘all of that works two ways.’ You know what? You are absolutely right. It does but my pride has been in the way. The heavy weight on my chest that grips me with every attempt to correct a wrong or just trying to make things right. But I have made a decision, that no longer will I be weighed down with the tomfoolery.

My heart groans at the very thought of not being able to talk to you or see your smiling face. So from this moment on we can’t pass each other like to ships in wind. We can’t. Do you agree? I hope so because I don’t want to live without again. Do you remember when we would sit around after school day dreaming about all of the big things we were going to with our lives? 🙂 I do and we use to have so much fun. How we were going to go off to college, join a sorority, and live it up. Oh, the good old days but here we are. A gaping hole of time sitting between us like dead weight. So what do we from here? Sit back and act like nothing has happen? Rekindle our relationship? Or just keep doing what we do? The ball is in your court. I hope that we can begin a new and restore our relationship.

Love you always, Sis



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