From his very being is a darkness that can’t be penetrated

Looking deep in his eyes into the abyss

His very soul is frozen from the dampness that flows from within

Its smothered with evilness

Never ending darkness that causes a me to shiver with each glance

As he pushes me hard, causing me to hit my head against the wall of beautiful home

A home that we took care in choosing, we said we would raise our children and grow old

A home that should have been full of love has now become my shameful place

As he back hand me with all of his might all I can think of is how did I get here

He’s suppose to love and cherish me

Yet, now all he does is look at me with disgust and puts his hands on me every chance he gets

Oh, how I use to love the way his hands felt against my skin

Now all I want to do is cut them off


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