Post from the Washington Post–just 2 get your political juices flowing



It never ends. The yelling, screaming, and hurt feelings. In the heat of the moment a seems oh, so clear. But as it cools and the smoke clears, we ask is it worth it. What was said that crushed from the core. The vivid argument still plays on a endless loop. 

Day by day

As I sit and watch the world pass me by, I wonder. Wonder, what could of, should of, and would of. BUT guess what? I can’t do anything about what should of, could of, would of. Amazingly, what a new phenomenon, right?! 😉 Absolutely not.  


All ⚽ MOMs/DADs/Parents/Grandparents/friends mount up! 

2 boys 

LORD, have mercy

2 games at the same time and 1 game after

😂 wouldn’t change it 4 the 🌍

I was made 4 this 😚