In the midst

Forest Gump said it best, ‘life is like a box of chocolate, you never know what your going to get.’ 

My family and I have faced challenges within the last few weeks. My hubby lost his uncle and now his sister. At times we tell ourselves that we prepare for whatever may come. Yet, when it is front and center, we find out that we can never be fully prepared. Then go on to wonder if it is even possible. 

However, my pray is that the entire family, friends, and love ones to come together in love. For each member to find peace and seek God like never before. Find peace in the One who is peace. It will not be easy but allow God to be in control. To trust God like never before and allow him to heal your broken heart.


Crying tears of joy. Knowing that they, thise we lost, are not hurting anymore and that we will see them on the other side. God’s ways are about our ways. Trust in God in ALL things.


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