Romans 5:1-5

​Through our hardships, challenges, brokenness, tribulations, and defeats we are learning/growing. Each step we take, we must make a conscious decision. We must ask ourselves what is the end goal or what do we wish to accomplish by this?

While growing up I was told that when I make a mistake, to learn from it. In order to not make the same mistake twice. Yet, here I sit 20+ years 😉 later pondering the same old thing.  Have I learned what I needed from those actions? Have I taken the right steps in order to not make the same old mistakes? What can I say or do to help others not make the same bad choices that I’ve made? Will my mistakes hinder the lives of my love ones, friends, family members, and those around me? 

My mom would say ‘that I’m besting a dead horse’ at this point. But I wish to never be a hindrance to anyone. Especially, in the things of God. We only live once here on earth, but for all eternity we will either live or die. My wish is that all will live for eternity with God. But sadly that will not be the case, as the word says. So my pray is that all will come to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

Heavenly Father, I ask that through every trial and tribulation your people face today may it work patience within them. Let every action be done in patience in order for them to gain the experience needed to go on. May the experience they gain bring an unquenchable hope in you. May their hope be in you and you alone. Knowing that it is only through you that all things are possible. It is in Jesus name that I pray, amen.


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