Its a Battle

Between the possibility of and the here/now. 

A parent is one who may or may not have physically taken part in the birthing process. A parent comes in many forms, styles, and characteristics. Not one parent is alike but may be similar. Yet, the best of them are determined to be a positive influence.

I can say throughout my life I have had a few forms/types of parents. My biological parents, stepfather (dad), grandmother, a few of my military conrad’s, and spiritual. Each have left a mark on my life, some positive and some not. But they have left a lasting impression on me and how I look at the world.

Now that I am a parent of 2 very energetic boys, it’s up to my hubby and I to apply all that we have learned thus far. Is it easy? Most definitely not but I have found out, recently, that its a battle between what we see in them and what is taking place at this moment. My hubby and I strive to help them to learn all that they can, to think outside if the box, to be spiritually minded, and to build positive relationships. Yet, we also find ourselves walking a very fine line to keep everything balanced. Balance is the key to instilling stability, by my opinion that is. Balance helps to teach them to be centered and grow into strong men of God. So we take the steps that will hopefully guide them into what God has chosen them to be, pray for us, as we pray for you all. Its difficult at times.

When i was growing the older people would always say that, ‘It takes a village to raise children.’ I am finding ourlt just how true that is. So my prayer is that all boys and girls, be raised up and walk into the destiny which God has chosen for them. I pray that God’s will be released in and through them at every turn.

I am praying for this generation and those to come.


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