I woke up this morning, very sluggish, but I know without a doubt I had to spend time with God. I made a decision that at the start of each day will be dedicated to spend with God. By praying and reading his word. Even when I don’t feel like it and would rather get a little more sleep. 

It was raining outside and I enjoy listening to the rain. It relaxes me  and clears all of the cobwebs in my mind. Just like meditating and at times rhymthically draws me back into a blanket of sleep. But I made a decision and I must follow through.

TODAY, I had to pull myself up by my boot straps and lay before God. I had to get my marching orders, guidance, encouragement, and strength from the only true and living God. My desire is for him to order my steps and I heed is commands at every turn. The only I will know what he has laid before for today was to spend time with him.

God is so awesome and amazing. He is more than I can put into words!
Be blessed,



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