Its the end of the week but it always seems to be on a continuous flow. I’ve spent my week in my third graders classroom. The goal was to  obtain the observation hours required for a certification. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! 😊 Now on to completing the rest of my requirements…

There are so many feelings, emotions, and thoughts flowing around me at this point in my life. I started this journey a few years ago but do to job offers, I did not continue. Now I see how those opportunities were my distractions and ways to get me off track. Sadly, I did not recognize them for what they were. But it’s funny how life comes full circle.

When you are not walking in your passion/purpose you are not at your full potential. You will find something lacking and working to the point of death to  in hopes for better. Yet, the harder you try to remove those feelings the more they are present. 

As far as I can remember I have felt this way. I felt that I had to prove something to someone or thing. Whatever I did was bit enough. I went out of my way to befriend people but rarely was it returned to me. I did a lot of things to feel wanted, loved, cared about, and a part of something. Sadly, the void was not or could not filled by mans actions. 

Be blessed,


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