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The moment of truth is upon me. It may come in different formats but they all have the same purpose. Each moment within my life has been dedicated to some  purpose or reason. Sadly, the majority has been for the wrong reason. Yet, here I am standing and looking at what lies ahead. I only see a glimpse of what is to be but I trust the One who is in control.

I have done and seen a lot in my years. Each are teaching moments and life changers. Each moment of my life have been filled with decisions and possibilities. So here I stand believing and trusting in the One who is in control.

Be blessed,




I am follower if Jesus Christ, wife, and mother. I enjoy spending QT with bff and lover, Andrew, and our 2 sons. My favorite pass times are reading and watching movies. But my soul purpose is living my life fully for Christ, so that he may be glorified. So as I share what is on my heart, my prayer is that you may see the God in me and not me. Be blessed and enjoy!

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