PS 66:1-4

Heavenly Father,

I lift up my voice to sing your praises. I humble myself to bow down before in worship. Continuously I ask for you to search my heart to ensure that my worship, praise, and prayers are acceptable, a sweet savoir unto you. 

I come before your thrown in fear and trembling. Their is no one like you upon the heavens or the earth. You are the true and living God. Every word that comes forth from my lips are praises unto you, my Lord and Savior. You reign in my life and I look to you for direction. I have placed my life in your hands, trusting you with all that I am. Self has been taken off and replaced with your characteristics. 

I seek only that you be glorified in my life and all that I do. I seek you with all that I am. I eagerly wait for your direction at each moment to ensure that I am working along the path that you have laid out before me. I seek your face continuously and humble myself with each breathe. I give you all of my worship, and I lift up holy hands as an offering to my King. 

I place my faith and trust in you, my everything.


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