New…is there a such thing?

I sometimes ask myself to find something new to do or try. But I always seem to gravitate to the same old things; unless, maybe, someone suggests something. I then go a little further, to ask myself why is that? Yet, I can never come to a try reason as to why. So I sit in limbo once again until the next time around. 🤔

I sit back and watch what goes on around me. I watch my children and analyze the things that they do. I try to pinpoint who are the like, my hubby, I, or someone in our family tree. Its funny at times but as I sit to write this I wonder if God does the same to those who are under the knowledge of him. 🤔 Meaning that those who have opened the doors of their heart for him to enter, are we like him? Are we exhibiting his characteristics? 

I must admit to myself that I am  not always walking in his character. My attitude is not always good, love is not free flowing through me, or I just don’t want to be bother. So I must ask myself, why is that? Why if I have the Holy Spirit within me, why am I not displaying myself in a like manner at all times? 🤔

Like the good book says, there no new thing under the sun. I was born and formed in iniquity. So each moment of my life I must die to those things, die to my flesh in other words. My flesh is selfish, conceited, and prideful. So I must die to myself continuously and truly look at myself through the eyes of God. To look through the eyes of God is look deeply at self in the mirror. I must look at self through a microscope, self magnified to see into the inner most part of me. Is it easy? Most definitely not, but God never said that it would be either. 😊

Enjoy your day and be blessed,



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