United within Relationships

Relationships come in different colors nd shapes. They can be physical, spiritual, or mental. Relationships may be called friendships, marriages, or even mergers.

Relationship is defined as a connection, association, or involvement; a connection between persons by blood or marriage

Its funny how God brings things back to your remembrance, because my oldest son was recently invited to one of his classmates birthday party. We agreed to attend. However, when it came time to shop for a gift my son did not know what his friend liked. So I asked him, how is he your friend but you do not know what he likes?  My sons reply was, I don’t know. I just shook my head and purchased a gift card.

After reading the scriptures this morning I have to ask myself, am I united within my so called relationships? Meaning am I connected, truly, with those I have bonded myself to. Or am I on the outside looking in? 

Unity is defined as the state of being one; oneness; 2. as combining all its parts into one

So if each of us are pouring our eggs into one basket then we each of us should have an equal amount to pour in or take out. We are equal in our relationship. Yet, I know for a fact, in some of my relationships that is not always true. Their are some were I have given/taken more than I should have and vice versa. In these instances the relationship did not last or withstand the testing period. 

I have been told on many occasions that two are better than one. Two people united together are better then one alone. Where one can prevail against one, two can withstand.

Prevail is to be or prove superior in strength, power, or influence

Withstand is to stand or hold out against; resist or oppose, especially successfully

To prevail is temporary, or one time, action while to withstand is constant. One person of himself can only stand up against a force for only so long. Eventually, he or she will become faint, or weak. While two people against a force can pull each other up when they become faint and they can encourage each other to continue on. (2>1)

So I must check my relationships to ensure they are working properly and if I am connected to the right individual. I must answer the difficult question of am I equally yoked? Are we working towards the same end goals? Do we have the same drive or purpose? I just may have to cut some people out of my life and in the future ensure we are of equal standings before I join/link up with people. Life is too short to be connected with the wrong individual. 

Love you all and have a blessed day,



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