Daily I must rehearse the word of God within my heart. Some days its easy and others not so. Yet, I must continue to push through. For I desire for the Lord to tell me at our meeting, “Well, done thy good and faithful servant.”

Sometimes I feel all alone but it is written that ‘he will never leave nor forsake you.’ (Heb 13:5) At times I feel like my prayers are going nowhere but it is written that ‘he hears the prayers of the righteous.’ (Prov 15:29) Sometimes I feel that this burden is too heavy for me to bare but its written ‘to come into him all who are heavy laden and he will give you rest, take his yoke and burden upon you for it is light.’ (Matt 11:28-30)

If I allow myself, flesh,  to run rampant then I, emotions, feelings, and actions would be all over the place. So it is very important that I rehearse the inspired WORD GOD within me continuously. For the WORD will and can lead me in every situation that I encounter. Only if I trust, believe, apply faith, and walk upright.

My prayer Oh, Lord, my God is that you lead and guide me in all things. I ask that you pour out your wisdom, knowledge, and understanding upon. But most of I desire the more of you!

Be encouraged and allow God to lead you,



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