The Essence of Three

The Essence of Three is the true heart of the matter. Two as one with the third as the glue that puts it all together. United in love.

The Essence of three is the heart of the matter. A connection like no other, that should not broken. Sadly, many have been torn about. By selfishness, pride, finances, and a plethora of other reasons that the two are unwilling to go deeper  to correct. The two gives up before it even begans, unwilling to fight for it. The Essence of Three should not be broken, the connection should be sound in the one. Sadly, many do not seek the one from the very beginning. The one will lead and guide you in the right connection.

But now the two are connected and have become one, what can be done? The choices that each make has a direct impact on all who are in the equation equally. So check the motive and consider the consequences of said actions before hand. 

Seek the one in all things by prayer and reading the basic instructions before leaving earth (Bible). Knowing, trusting, and believing that he will never leave you nor forsake you.

Be encouraged,



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