Movie: Hacksaw Ridge 

I know that I am late, but I just finished watching “Hacksaw Ridge”. I must admit that towards the end, I was teary eyed. This moving was so moving on many different levels. My review 5/5 👍👍

I am a fan of military movies of almost any kind. Private D. Doss was unreal! He faced obstacles that so many of us face today, of some form, but he overcame them. He faced them head on and did not buckle under the pressure. He stood up to his family and love ones, his superiors, his peers, and all whom he encountered. He was known by what he stood for, he was not ashamed and most of all his witness was true.

He stood his ground and would not be moved by anyone/thing. His dedication to saving the lives of many that did him harm, talked about him, and mocked him is a true witness of how love covers all sins.  He loved the natural hell out of people. Just as we should do. 

Watch “Hacksaw Ridge (2016) Official Trailer – “Believe” – Andrew Garfield” on YouTube


Second Coming

OMGoodness, after arriving home this afternoon, I decided to lounge and watch Netflix. So I sat back and watched, ‘Second Coming’ with Idris Elba, (Mark) and Nadine Marshall, (Jacqueline). Mark and Jacqueline are a married couple who have not been together, sexually, in awhile. However, Jacqueline discovers that she is pregnant. She knows that the child was not conceived naturally but thinks the child is the second coming. To say that no one believes her is a gross understatement. Which is well to be expected given the circumstances. The movie goes to great lengths to depict the relationship of all involved.

It was a little hard at first to understand the dialog due to volume and diction. But once I got over those hurdles, I was able to focus on what was going on. Overall, I would give the movie a 2.5 star ranking, scale 1 to 5. The beginning was a little rough. It was like the movie just began and I had to catch up. Yes, the description told the overview but it was difficult to see the movements. My heart went out to the Jacqueline. During the entire movie she was like a fish out of water. Meaning that she was distance from her entire family and all of whom she encountered. She did not speak much and it was like her very soul was being squeezed with every breath that she took. Even at times were it seemed as if all was well, you could see in her eyes that something just was not right. Oh, my, Mark was lost, and trying to maintain the family while in the back of his mind, he’s trying to figure out how this happened. I could not imagine how you can explain this type of situation to anyone and expect for them to understand. Sadly, also living through the mirk was their oldest child, JJ. It felt as if he was trying to stay out of the way of his parents and trying to wipe out anything pertaining to them out of his mind. He was focused on saving a bird at one during the movie that I should could not understand until the very end. The end left a little to the imagination due to it just ending. On a scale of 1-5 for recommending to others. I would give a 1.5. It kind of reminded me of the movie, ‘Agnes of God’.

So I ask that you take a look see and let me know what you think of the movie.


Traveling ➡ Life

During our spring break we, my family and I, traveled to the Sunshine State, Florida. I wish that I could say that it was to just spend time with family, visit Mickey and Minnie, or a host of other things. Sadly, I cannot. We came due to my mom having surgery on her back. 

This is my mom’s second back surgery in a little over a year. My hubby has gone through the same process, only he currently have had 11 back/neck surgeries. Not only my brother in-law as well. So they know from experience just what to expect and so on. This process is not easy and the recuperation time is long. Yet, we are trusting God that they will be healed and tell others of their healing/deliverance. 

I know you may be asking yourself why did she say deliverance? Well, I’m glad you asked.😉 The reason is due to the toll it takes on the mind. Its not a cake walk and I would never wish this on anyone. With any reoccurring medical condition it takes a toll mentally, physically, and spiritually. But I keep them before the Father through prayer.🙏

As we travel via the many highways and by ways, to make it to and from our destinations I have come to realize that you can learn a lot about a person while being confined to a vehicle of your choice. Well, in my case, not my choice for travel arrangements. But I digress. I’ve noticed that each time we travel for long distances we, my husband and I, tend to argue for the first 10-20 minutes of the trip. My kids take about 10-20 minutes to calm down, stop bothering each other, and relax into the ride. Then we on for a smooth ride for about 3-4 hours. Then on to the next set of struggles.😊

I always say, that if you are not learning then your not growing and living. Every moment in my life I am trying to learn from each experience, grow, and make the necessary changes to ensure that the Christ that is in me, shines for the world to see. 

So please pray for us and I will continue to pray for you! Love you all!

Be blessed and enjoy your day,



Psalms 1:2

But his delight is in the law of the Lord ; and in his law doth he meditate day and night.
Psalms 1:2 KJV

But my delight is in the law of the LORD; and in his law doth I meditate day and night.

My desire is to walk rightly before God and man. I may or may not fall short, but end goal is to walk upright. In order to accomplish this from minute to minute, hour to hour, and day to day I must apply the Word to each step that I take. 

In order to apply the Word, I must read, study, and meditate on the Word. This is to ensure that I am apply the Word correctly and within context. The Word is the very air and water in which every Christian should live by. Its not just a book to be read at an individuals leisure. I’ve heard someone say that the Word is a book full of stories and it’s not Instrumental for daily living. Well, in my mind, I’m thinking that obviously they have not read it. For the Word is living and breathing. 

The Word when applied to my daily walk, changes things. My outlook on the. day changes and my appearance physically changes. It places situations in my life into perspective. My eyesight changes to look at things from naturally to spiritually. I have decided that I cannot walk in anyway contrary to my Lord and Savior. So I must stand flat footed on, in, the Word. So I think on and apply the Word continuously throughout my day. 

Have a wonderful day family,