Movie: Hacksaw Ridge 

I know that I am late, but I just finished watching “Hacksaw Ridge”. I must admit that towards the end, I was teary eyed. This moving was so moving on many different levels. My review 5/5 👍👍

I am a fan of military movies of almost any kind. Private D. Doss was unreal! He faced obstacles that so many of us face today, of some form, but he overcame them. He faced them head on and did not buckle under the pressure. He stood up to his family and love ones, his superiors, his peers, and all whom he encountered. He was known by what he stood for, he was not ashamed and most of all his witness was true.

He stood his ground and would not be moved by anyone/thing. His dedication to saving the lives of many that did him harm, talked about him, and mocked him is a true witness of how love covers all sins.  He loved the natural hell out of people. Just as we should do. 

Watch “Hacksaw Ridge (2016) Official Trailer – “Believe” – Andrew Garfield” on YouTube


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