A page from ‘Our Daily Bread’

Their are times in my life where I feel or have felt that I was all alone. Even when my hubby is right by my side and my children are right their. So i ask myself, why  can I not get over the feeling of loneliness. Even before I had a family of my own, I still had periods of loneliness. Even while standing in a crowded room and watching those around me partake in the festivities at hand. 

I have never understand how or why I have gone through this. But I know within myself that I am never alone. For he is always with me and I rest upon knowing that he is there.

Heavenly Father, as I walk out the steps that you have set before me. I declare and decree that I will not fear or fret for you are with me. Your hands are upon my life and my family. I rest in the assurance that you will never leave me nor forsake me. The assurance that you call me friend. I do not focus or walk in my emotions, feelings. But I walk in the assurance of the God whom I serve. So on this day may I walk in confidence and purpose. That what you have for me on this day I will accomplish to your glory, Amen!


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