The Washington Post: Harvey flattens buildings as storm drenches central Texas coast

Praying for those affected…
Harvey flattens buildings as storm drenches central Texas coast



School has begun and we are looking towards a great, fun, and successful year. Challenges and obstacles will come. But we have prayed and placed our trust in God. All that we are do is built upon the #chiefcornerstone and all that we do bring glory to Him. We are covered by the blood. We find comfort in knowing that He is with us always! #trustingod #faith #grateful #comfort #joy #peace #covered  #prayabouteverything #storinguptimber #worryabouthnothing #blessedbeyondmeasure #smile #godisincontrol

One day closer

We are one day closer to the first day of school. My children are excited and talking non stop. My husband and I are ecstatic. All summer we have been looking forward to these moments. Full of expectation, excitement, and anxiety.

As parents we trust the individuals what did the schools to take care of our children. We trust our children to do what they have been taught to do. Which is to do the best that I can, trust God, and walk in obedience to those who are over them. However, we also know and understand that we must also be mindful of the things that are going on in the world today. So we must cover our children as they go to school and go throughout their day. We must cover the individuals within the schools that we trust to take care of our children and watch over them. Praying earnestly for a wonderful and successful school year.