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Free to be…

Free to be…me

Free to be all that I can be

Free to set the world aflame with every switch of my hips and dip of my curves

Free to be…the little girl with a heart overflowing and naive to the fact

Free to be the one who looks at the pain of others and take it within onesself

Free to be the ears of the deaf and the eyes of the blind

Free to be…the wife who builds up her spouse

Free to not look at the past but to the future

Free to be..the mother her truly nurtures her children

Free to love unconditionally

Free to just be…

Not mediocre but amazingly so

With overabundance of joy and happiness

Love flowing from each fingertip

Energy of life never ending

Never to let go, forget, or give up

It is not in my makeup

For I am free to be…me

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Who am I & Why I’m here?

I am a wife, mother, and full time employee. My life is centered around supplying the needs of my family. My basic needs in life are on the back burner, screaming for some play time. Some would say that my life is centered around work and work alone. They would say that work takes all of my focus. So I must stop to ask myself, if this is true?

Well, to a point, it is. My work as begun to show fruit. Fruit of all of the hard work and dedication that I have put that I have put forth in all areas of my life. At least that is what I am to do. Yet, I am only just now beginning to see results. Results of where I have always seen myself but never was able to pull myself up. My family does not understand and I face resistance at every turn. I put my best foot forward in all areas of my life, yet in return a slap in the face. It is very difficult to turn the other cheek and continue on.

My hopes and dreams are bottled up tight. Never to be released for all to see. Dreams that have been dormant, since the beginning of time. Time passes with each tick of the clock and a fragment of my dreams, hopes die trying to be birth from within. Within lies much but they are not able to bubble up into existence. Yet, here I sit with my dreams and hopes neatly put away into a tightly sealed bottle.

I was created for a purpose. The purpose that has yet to come forth. Each hardship, difficulty, struggle, and heartbreak the seal tightens. My very soul cries out, ‘break the seal and be free’. Free to be and walk into my purpose, destiny. Free as a bird, soaring from high above. Looking down at all that was and never will be. I will be free, to be the girl following her dreams and filled with hope for the future. Free to write of my experiences and opinions. Hopeful that I will be able to make a difference to others.

Free to be me,