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Cherry Blossoms

The one thing that I adored about living in Japan was the Japanese Cherry Tree’s. They are amazing in full bloom. Prior to being in Japan, I never really thought about flowers or anything of that nature. But I fell in love with them. I can’t say what stands out about them. I simply just love them. 

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Marching for Babies

This Saturday, I’m doing my part by Marching for Babies with my sorority. March of Dimes is doing this walk to fund exciting new research to prevent premature birth and fund services for families of preemies. Can you chip in a tax-deductible $25 donation to my March for Babies campaign right now to help babies? Click […]

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Beauty out of my mess

I have discovered that all of the things, situations, that I have gone through during my life time, for the most part,  have been self inflicted. A mad case of, I want to do it my way. Like my Grandma would say, a hard head makes a soft behind. 😊 

In the case of the I want to do it my way, I only want to do things my way. See things from behind my cloudy lenses. Its only about me. Well, I’m sorry that I must give myself a spanking. A spanking for taking so long to begin to learn that its not about me but about what God wants. So if I’m trusting God to lead, guide, support, and use me, I must deny myself. 

Deny myself from a state if mind that is only concerned with the things within my personal bubble. To deny myself totally and pick up my cross to bear. Even through my mess God is right there. Waiting patiently for me to catch a clue, as to what is at the heart of the matter; which is that even thou my mess has left me broken, shattered, and bruised, he can make something beautiful out of it. 

Even through the residue of weeds in my life God can make something beautiful out of it! Only if I allow him to.

My prayer is that everyone will allow God to turn our messy situations into beauty.

Peace be unto you,



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The Lord is good and His mercy endures forever.

 Good morning to you all. I hope that all is well. My prayer today is that you all have an encounter with the Lord like no other. The peace that He gives to you will be beyond your understanding. Most of all that your day be blessed and full of His presence.

Have a wonderful day,



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New Beginning

Each new dawning is a new beginning. New beginning is a manner of refreshing. Standing in awe at each new beginning. Each breath that I take is a new beginning to make a difference. With a passing greeting, smile, hug, or a word, my prayer is to have a positive impact on everyone that crosses my path. 

Be blessed and enjoy each moment,