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Marching for Babies

This Saturday, I’m doing my part by Marching for Babies with my sorority. March of Dimes is doing this walk to fund exciting new research to prevent premature birth and fund services for families of preemies. Can you chip in a tax-deductible $25 donation to my March for Babies campaign right now to help babies? Click […]

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The Lord is good and His mercy endures forever.

 Good morning to you all. I hope that all is well. My prayer today is that you all have an encounter with the Lord like no other. The peace that He gives to you will be beyond your understanding. Most of all that your day be blessed and full of His presence.

Have a wonderful day,



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Traveling ➡ Life

During our spring break we, my family and I, traveled to the Sunshine State, Florida. I wish that I could say that it was to just spend time with family, visit Mickey and Minnie, or a host of other things. Sadly, I cannot. We came due to my mom having surgery on her back. 

This is my mom’s second back surgery in a little over a year. My hubby has gone through the same process, only he currently have had 11 back/neck surgeries. Not only my brother in-law as well. So they know from experience just what to expect and so on. This process is not easy and the recuperation time is long. Yet, we are trusting God that they will be healed and tell others of their healing/deliverance. 

I know you may be asking yourself why did she say deliverance? Well, I’m glad you asked.😉 The reason is due to the toll it takes on the mind. Its not a cake walk and I would never wish this on anyone. With any reoccurring medical condition it takes a toll mentally, physically, and spiritually. But I keep them before the Father through prayer.🙏

As we travel via the many highways and by ways, to make it to and from our destinations I have come to realize that you can learn a lot about a person while being confined to a vehicle of your choice. Well, in my case, not my choice for travel arrangements. But I digress. I’ve noticed that each time we travel for long distances we, my husband and I, tend to argue for the first 10-20 minutes of the trip. My kids take about 10-20 minutes to calm down, stop bothering each other, and relax into the ride. Then we on for a smooth ride for about 3-4 hours. Then on to the next set of struggles.😊

I always say, that if you are not learning then your not growing and living. Every moment in my life I am trying to learn from each experience, grow, and make the necessary changes to ensure that the Christ that is in me, shines for the world to see. 

So please pray for us and I will continue to pray for you! Love you all!

Be blessed and enjoy your day,



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Good morning

Today, is a beautiful day full of possibilities.   For I have been blessed to see a new day. A day that was not promised to me but God saw it fit to allow me to see it. Each moment, each thought, and each breath I take I am in awe of just how good God is. God is so good he is so faithful and his mercy endureth forever. I’m thankful for this day for this is another day that I can live in his purpose and his will. It’s a day that I can look to him in all things, in comfort, in peace, in joy and in love. It is the day I can focus on him and give my life to him continuously, effortlessly. I place my trust and my faith in him for he is faithful and he is just. I give all praise and honor unto my Father, my Creator,  my Redeemer, and  my Salvation. He is all that I need and all that I hopeful. He is good and he is all-powerful.

As I go through a mindset change I look to Him in all things. The decisions that I make, I seek him first. I seek him through prayer and in his word for guidance. I must constantly remind myself of my focus. I must constantly have a praise and worship flowing from my heart, my soul, and my mind unto him. I must be active in my walk and him. I know that it will not be easy but I look to Him for help. I know that the enemy comes to steal, kill, and destroy; but I look to Him. I know that challenges, difficulties, and hardships will come; but I look to Him. I know that thoughts, imaginations, and things are not like him will come my way; but I look to Him. I must look to him in all things. praying to him about all things. Praising Him about all things, worshipping him in spirit and in truth. For I have made a conscious decision to live my life sold out, dedicated, and for the purpose he created me for.  I have made a conscious decision to allow nothing to separate me from his love

As for me and my house we WILL serve the Lord!

Enjoy your day and be encouraged,



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Its a Battle

Between the possibility of and the here/now. 

A parent is one who may or may not have physically taken part in the birthing process. A parent comes in many forms, styles, and characteristics. Not one parent is alike but may be similar. Yet, the best of them are determined to be a positive influence.

I can say throughout my life I have had a few forms/types of parents. My biological parents, stepfather (dad), grandmother, a few of my military conrad’s, and spiritual. Each have left a mark on my life, some positive and some not. But they have left a lasting impression on me and how I look at the world.

Now that I am a parent of 2 very energetic boys, it’s up to my hubby and I to apply all that we have learned thus far. Is it easy? Most definitely not but I have found out, recently, that its a battle between what we see in them and what is taking place at this moment. My hubby and I strive to help them to learn all that they can, to think outside if the box, to be spiritually minded, and to build positive relationships. Yet, we also find ourselves walking a very fine line to keep everything balanced. Balance is the key to instilling stability, by my opinion that is. Balance helps to teach them to be centered and grow into strong men of God. So we take the steps that will hopefully guide them into what God has chosen them to be, pray for us, as we pray for you all. Its difficult at times.

When i was growing the older people would always say that, ‘It takes a village to raise children.’ I am finding ourlt just how true that is. So my prayer is that all boys and girls, be raised up and walk into the destiny which God has chosen for them. I pray that God’s will be released in and through them at every turn.

I am praying for this generation and those to come.

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The enemy uses trickery/craftiness to  try to play us all like a fiddle. He’s sly and cunning. BUT he is already defeated and he knows it. He wants  to take as many souls with him as possible. 

My prayer is that all will be saved and have eternal life. Life everlasting with the Our Father. To live a life dedicated to Him who set the stars in the sky, made heaven and the earth. Life honoring the one whose heals bruised the enemies head, who holds life and death in his hands.

My prayer is that no one will fall to deceptions and temptation of the enemy. That will know the unconditional love of the Father. Everyone will come to recognize Jesus as the beloved Son of the Father who died for each of our sins. raise from death with all power, and is now sitting at the right hand of the Father.

Be blessed,