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PS 66:1-4

Heavenly Father,

I lift up my voice to sing your praises. I humble myself to bow down before in worship. Continuously I ask for you to search my heart to ensure that my worship, praise, and prayers are acceptable, a sweet savoir unto you. 

I come before your thrown in fear and trembling. Their is no one like you upon the heavens or the earth. You are the true and living God. Every word that comes forth from my lips are praises unto you, my Lord and Savior. You reign in my life and I look to you for direction. I have placed my life in your hands, trusting you with all that I am. Self has been taken off and replaced with your characteristics. 

I seek only that you be glorified in my life and all that I do. I seek you with all that I am. I eagerly wait for your direction at each moment to ensure that I am working along the path that you have laid out before me. I seek your face continuously and humble myself with each breathe. I give you all of my worship, and I lift up holy hands as an offering to my King. 

I place my faith and trust in you, my everything.


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The smile on her face never dulls

The beat of her heart beats like an African drum

Her eyes shines as bright as the sun

The warmth from her lips uplifts, all who crosses her path

The strength in her hands is never ending

The natural nuturer flowing from within like a mighty rushing wind

Yet, the happiness and joy she expresses is all a facade

facade that she tries to hide, Oh, so well by the smile that never fades

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Many lost never to be seen or heard from again.

Lives forever changed and heartbroken 

Weighed down by the actions of other’s

Not due to any fault of their own but by the decisions formed by an idea

A nation brought together, unified by the flames that will never be forgotten

On this day 15 years ago, a great nation eyes were opened 

Open to what was taking place in the  dark crevices of the hearts and mind of many

BUT…this great nation rose from the ashes to face fear head on 

 The lives of those lost will never be forgotten

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From his very being is a darkness that can’t be penetrated

Looking deep in his eyes into the abyss

His very soul is frozen from the dampness that flows from within

Its smothered with evilness

Never ending darkness that causes a me to shiver with each glance

As he pushes me hard, causing me to hit my head against the wall of beautiful home

A home that we took care in choosing, we said we would raise our children and grow old

A home that should have been full of love has now become my shameful place

As he back hand me with all of his might all I can think of is how did I get here

He’s suppose to love and cherish me

Yet, now all he does is look at me with disgust and puts his hands on me every chance he gets

Oh, how I use to love the way his hands felt against my skin

Now all I want to do is cut them off

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When it rain it pours…

The sun is high in the sky but I can’t see it clearly. The birds are kissing the sky with good morning kisses. Yet, I still cannot see them. A cool, calm breeze is flowing amongst the tree tops. Can you see?

Another day has met me but I still cannot see it. The feelings I’ve come to embrace has taken oven. They are so dear but they have caste a never ending shadow. Moist, damp, and downright chilly. The smell reeks from my pores with the scent of desperation. Desperate to see clearly again.

To see the sun kiss the sky at the dawn of each day. To see the birds kiss the morning sky. Oh, how much would I love to feel the cool breeze on my face and wish all a good day.

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Free to be…

Free to be…me

Free to be all that I can be

Free to set the world aflame with every switch of my hips and dip of my curves

Free to be…the little girl with a heart overflowing and naive to the fact

Free to be the one who looks at the pain of others and take it within onesself

Free to be the ears of the deaf and the eyes of the blind

Free to be…the wife who builds up her spouse

Free to not look at the past but to the future

Free to be..the mother her truly nurtures her children

Free to love unconditionally

Free to just be…

Not mediocre but amazingly so

With overabundance of joy and happiness

Love flowing from each fingertip

Energy of life never ending

Never to let go, forget, or give up

It is not in my makeup

For I am free to be…me

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Today, was like any other day except you were not there

Full of sunshine and blue skies

Wind blowing on mystical breezes

Deep inhales and exhales

Puffs of orange smoke

Bright and mesmermizing

Ring loud and clear