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First Things First

The U.S.A. is changing. Its no longer a business as usual mentality. If there, ever was such a thing. Many stand up for many different reasons. Some of those standing are unites and some are not. 

In recent days many have gone to the streets to march, non-violently, against the President I election results. But I must ask how many of those marching, actually stood in lines at the election booths to caste a vote?

I’m quite sure many would say that they did not. So my statement to them would be, ‘you don’t have the right to discuss anything regarding the election due to your own actions. You didny vote, so you can say absolutely nothing.’

Regardless of the candidate you stood with you must take the time to vote. I find it very hard to believe that on some platform individuals could not relate/agree with either candidate. Nor can I believe that individuals was so disheartened to caste a vote at all.

BUT…now that the votes are in, its time for the American people to come together. We must move forward, unified in heart and mind, and beginning to focus on our future. We need to be hopeful and optimistic to what our future holds for us.


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Trump’s immigration plan could deport more Europeans and Canadians than Mexicans — Fusion

Getty ImagesDonald Trump’s aggressive new plan to create a deportation task force could—perhaps inadvertently— end up targeting more undocumented immigrants from Europe and Canada than the Mexicans he’s been trashing so hard during his campaign. During his lengthy immigration policy speech on Wednesday night, Trump said his “new special deportation task force” would focus on…

via Trump’s immigration plan could deport more Europeans and Canadians than Mexicans — Fusion

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I, as have many within America and around the world, have been paying close attention to the actions of the current #PresidentialCandidates. I have also taken note of the individuals who have aligned themselves with each candidate, relationship. I am fascinated with the changes that has taken place within the American Society in these regards. Some are subtle and some are not.

With each news cast we are being drowned by the same information but with new perspective, supposedly. Yet, at the very foundation they are all saying the same thing. So who are we to trust? What is the real/true story of the situation? What is real/fluff to make ratings?

I can definitely say that many will agree to disagree that it is paramount that America’s really pay close attention to what is happening and what is being said during this #presidentialelection2016. My prayer is that American’s pay attention, prior to casting your ballot pray for direction, and vote for the best candidate.


Be bless,


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In 1995, Walmart pulled a feminist T-shirt from stores for an appalling reason –

It does not matter which political  group you align yourself with or what your respective political  views are. Last night, we as a nation,along with the entire world, once again watched history  being made. #firstwomen elected as a presidential candidate.