USAF Vet has passed

A female USAF Vet, Margaret King, has passed away of natural causes. She was know by coworkers as hard working, educated, and private. Sadly, her body was found in her vehicle at work months ago. The police and employer has not been able to locate the family memebers of Ms. King. So they will be having services for Ms. King today, May 16th, at 11 am at the DFW National Cemetery.

When I initially read this article on Facebook I was blown away. I was deeply sadden, due to her family matters. Then I began to think about any type of relationship she may have had. I went on to think about the case in London regarding a female, Joyce Vincent, that passed away. She was not found until her body was badly decomposed in her apartment.

I wonder if someone misses her. Did she have friends? Did she have friends at work?What about the members of the church she attended? What about het neighbors? Does she have siblings? When was she born? Where was she born? Did she relocate to Texas? A lot of what’s and no answers.



Def. (noun) a minor dispute or contest

As we walk hand in hand basking in the glow of a midsummer afternoon. We discuss what we would like to be. United as a united front for all to see. Selfless of our own desires and fully embedded to the desires of the other. Look to fill the empty places with love. Love that is selfless and pure. Created between us two. While we are united as one. As man and women together making one. 

We see the birds of the air gliding upon the blissful air. Communicating in song with a tweet, tweet rising from their innermost. Swaying to their own song. Yet, here we are walking and discussing. With each step our voices could be heard above the roar of our surroundings. Rising with the air we intake and exhale. Pulling in words spoken and exhaling what we would like to be.

Digging deeper into our reality. What is currently taking place within our world. A hitch in our seamless existence. A bump that we try to conceal with what we would like to be. Words spoken to deter but it only last for a moment. Our voices begin to rise with the passion of our stance. A stance that we express with words, expressions, and body language. At a moments glance our hands part with the velitation of our not so seamless existence.

Slowly we come back to our oneness. We realize that we may not agree always but we ensure that we stay together as one. United in our truth!

Marching for Babies

This Saturday, I’m doing my part by Marching for Babies with my sorority. March of Dimes is doing this walk to fund exciting new research to prevent premature birth and fund services for families of preemies. Can you chip in a tax-deductible $25 donation to my March for Babies campaign right now to help babies? Click […]

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Where my trust lay…

In all things I place my trust fully, unadulterated, in my Redeemer. I know he is my Redeemer and I look to him first in all things. I will not waver, doubt. I stand firm in the assurance that he lives and is in complete control. 

My prayer is that everyone have a great weekend. Spending time with those you hold dear and seek the glory of God in all that you do.




All that matters…

Heavenly Father,

I ask that you help me to do all that is required of me on today. Help me to see you clearly and operate in you totally. May you be glorified in my doings and goings on this day. You reign in my life, I decrease so that you may increase in my life. I turn my entire being over to and ask that your will be done through me. I am a willing vessel to be used for your purpose. It is in Jesus name that I pray, Amen.

Family Fun Night

Friday nights are usually dedicated to family fun night. Tonight the activity was WII. The battle lines were drawn in the sands for Just Dance 2, Mario Bros., and kids playground. It was fun and full of laughs. Signing off, family!

Good night,