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From my family and I, we wish you a happy, safe, and fun filled thanksgiving. This is the season of thanksgiving, take a moment to thank God, family, friends, love ones, and others. Have a heart of gratitude.

Be blessed,


Thank you for spending a moment out of your day with me. Love you all!

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First Things First

The U.S.A. is changing. Its no longer a business as usual mentality. If there, ever was such a thing. Many stand up for many different reasons. Some of those standing are unites and some are not. 

In recent days many have gone to the streets to march, non-violently, against the President I election results. But I must ask how many of those marching, actually stood in lines at the election booths to caste a vote?

I’m quite sure many would say that they did not. So my statement to them would be, ‘you don’t have the right to discuss anything regarding the election due to your own actions. You didny vote, so you can say absolutely nothing.’

Regardless of the candidate you stood with you must take the time to vote. I find it very hard to believe that on some platform individuals could not relate/agree with either candidate. Nor can I believe that individuals was so disheartened to caste a vote at all.

BUT…now that the votes are in, its time for the American people to come together. We must move forward, unified in heart and mind, and beginning to focus on our future. We need to be hopeful and optimistic to what our future holds for us.


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2:30 am

I’ve been up since 11:09 pm when I received another call regarding work. I can’t seem to rest even while actually sleeping. Is that strange, I ask myself. When did I get like this? Restless, sleepliness, and everything in between. Am I worring, stressing about things? I mean, what is it?

I’m their are others like me. Mind is always running, trying to anticipate and work things out at least 5 moves ahead. Just like a game of chess. Endless ramblings and possibilities that runs constantly. Yet, I ask myself, is this strange?