They will never be forgotten! Thank you for the dedication, the unmeasurable and selfless price you paid!


RIP Lady B. Bush 🇺🇸

When it was reported that Lady Bush stopped medical support, I held out the hope that she still had time. I said, that the reporters were speaking as if she had already passed. Sadly, moments ago she passed. These moments are never easy but I’m happy that she is prayerfully at peace.

As the Bush family, this great nation, family, and friends grieves, may we all keep her memory alive within us. My prayers and condolences goes out for us all.

We salute

To those who has gone before us, who sacrificed themselves for us all. To the families, friends, and love ones of those hero’s, we honor you as well. Words cannot express the humbleness we have in honor of you all. Words cannot express the gratefulness and love we offer to you. Knowing that the many challenges, hardships, sacrifices, and tears are not forgotten. We stand to salute those who stood up to the call and those who stood at their side. You all are not forgotten!