Happy Mother’s Day!

Favour is deceitful, and beauty is vain: but a woman that feareth the Lord , she shall be praised.
Proverbs 31:30 KJV


To Trust or Not to

To trust or not to

For some its comes easy

And others not so

Scars of old clouds the way

Words expressed here

Covered in murk

With splashes of theophany

To trust or not to

Life delicately issued

Orator shacky

Dictate and fluffed


To trust or not to

Desire to

Yet often times not so sure

Glistening with assurance


To trust or not to


Essence of

Seeping from


Trust learned

Taught from the deep



For without their is no us

Glory to the one who created May

The month of Iyyar of the year 5778

Many discuss but don’t fully understand

A day, month, and year

A cycle of formality

That must take place

In order for the world to go round

Don’t fret He is on the way

Be ready, always


Full of energy towards God

As a bolt of lightning stroking the rod

Eyes focused

Ears attuned

Heart beating like a bass drum

Soul alive like a hive of bee’s

Working to create

With purpose do they move

Busy with a purpose

Zealous to accomplish the purpose


Spoken words in many forms

Organized and arrayed in an inmeasurable fashion

Sleek or curvacious

Inspiring or just because

Yet, words of many fashions

No, color or race

Sexual orientation or anything else


Just words being expressed

To build up and speak life

Or just to bring about a swift end

Words, words, words, and more words

Expressing and depressing

Pushing all manner of arrhythmic altitudes in atmosphere

Just as the spoken words slowly make their descent

Totally missing their purpose


Patches of sunlight shining so bright

So brilliant and eloquent

Many colors arrayed

Without care

Perfectly blended

Chirping heard from above

Singing the perfect song

Sitting within the xyst

Surrounded in peace and comfort